It’s important to hook your shrimp the right way. If improperly hooked, the shrimp will die too quickly. This will lessen your chances of catching a quality fish.

Shrimp are a very common bait for Florida because everything in the water will eat them. A live shrimp will normally make for a quick catch. Shrimp are easy to keep alive in salt water if hooked the right way. The picture above shows a properly hooked shrimp. 

1. Hold the shrimp in your hand, and look at the head of the shrimp. Notice the area behind the eyes of the shrimp that appears dark. 

2. Once you see the dark spot in the shrimps head (the shrimps brain), notice the horn of the shrimp which extends along the top of the head. 

3. Without hooking into the dark spot which causes the shrimp to die, insert the hook just underneath the horn area of the shrimp along the top of it’s head. You should have to push the hook slowly to work it through.