Losing a good fish due to knot failure can be very heartbreaking… We know from experience. Here are some of the knots we have found to be most helpful.

  1. Loop knot – A loop knot is a really great knot for inshore fishing. The reason is that a loop knot allows your bait to move more freely in the water. It’s important to allow bait proper movement so the presentation is more natural to fish in the water. A loop knot is simple to tie with light leader, however thick leader will require a different type of knot. View this quick video to easily learn how to tie a loop knot.
  2. Union knot – This knot comes in really handy for those of you who use leader, and want to eliminate using the extra hardware when attaching it to your main line. This one will take a little bit of practice. Simply start off with both lines extending in the direction they will travel, and you will loop each line over the other then twist. Here is a video for the union knot. When tied properly, this knot will work for all inshore fishing, and is incredibly strong.
  3. Figure 8 Clinch Knot – When using large 100 to 500 pound leader, you will need to use this type of knot. This is an incredibly strong knot, and simple to tie. Check out this video.