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The Bait Station

We have many things to offer. Our bait shop located in North Fort Myers is near many incredible fishing spots. We are a stones throw away from fishing piers in downtown fort myers. Or, head to the canals to get out to the gulf. Our staff would love to talk to you about the many things our area has to offer. We are always delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding fishing, bait and tackle and more. Come in & get your fill today!

Our offerings include:

  • Saltwater Bait – Live Jumbo Shrimp, Pinfish, and cut bait.
  • Freshwater Bait – Shiners, nightcrawlers
  • Tackle – Rod and reels, fishing hooks, line and sinkers, lures and more
  • Rod Building & Repair
  • Vibe Kayaks authorized dealer

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Three Good Knots For Fishing

Losing a good fish due to knot failure can be very heartbreaking… We know from experience. Here are some of the knots we have found to be most helpful. Loop knot - A loop knot is a really great knot for inshore fishing. The reason is that a loop knot allows your bait...

What To Know About Fishing Tides

Whether you fish from land, or from a boat, knowing how fish react to changing tides can help you figure out their patterns.  Here are the basics.  1. Find a reliable tide chart. Localtides.net will provide tidal information for many different areas nearby. When you...

How To Properly Hook A Shrimp

It's important to hook your shrimp the right way. If improperly hooked, the shrimp will die too quickly. This will lessen your chances of catching a quality fish. Shrimp are a very common bait for Florida because everything in the water will eat them. A live shrimp...

Fishing Tips From The Bait Station

We love it when our customers are successfully catching great fish. Our hope is to share some of what we think may help those of you who may be new to the sport. If you have any great advice, come in any time to chat with one of our employees. Good luck out there, and talk to you soon!